Free Advice

Yes, I give free boat advice, and it has greater value than what you’ll pay for it.

I really like to talk about all things boats and would like to share my thoughts and opinions with you. I don’t know all of the answers to your boat questions but I know a lot of them and I’d like to learn something new myself. That’s the great thing about my profession, I really do learn something new every day.

Maybe you’re thinking about buying a new boat or are new to boating. Or maybe you’re thinking about installing a piece a gear or system and you just need to talk the installation through. I can also show you how the standards apply.

So give me a call or email your questions and ideas and let’s bat ’em around. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Contact me by phone (800) 200-8839 or (805) 701-8160
or email me at ross@maritimesurveyors.com.

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