What you can expect from us

You can expect that Maritime Surveyors will:

  • Be on Time.
  • Respect your Boat.
  • Be Thorough.
  • Explain The Survey Process to You.
  • Point out Problems.
  • Point out Good Attributes of the Boat.
  • Provide the Written Survey in a Timely Fashion.
  • Provide Photos.
  • Be Available to Discuss the Survey Report in Detail With You.

My practical approach allows you to get a good snapshot of the boat condition the day we inspect it. I go through all the parts of the boat in a systematic way, testing, documenting, photographing, and explaining systems and issues and writing down my observations and recommendations that I then use to prepare the survey report.

I like to get an idea of how the boat will be used, the experience of the buyer or owner and if there are any questions or concerns that you have. I encourage buyers and owners to be present at the survey. Boats and boating are my passion and I like talking about boats and explaining the boat and it’s systems.

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